Thank you, WordPress!

What a surprise this evening to discover my post on “Discover”.  I was bowled over.

(Here’s the post:

And of all the posts I’ve written, the better and the lesser ones, they picked the one on clutter!  😀  Oh my oh my!  Now the whole world knows about my messy home…  it must have spoken to someone.  Well, I must say, this is probably also true for fictitious characters:  Their most endearing qualities are often their failings.

Federi’s inability to count backwards from twenty. Paean’s bossiness. Vlad’s duplicity.  Harry Potter’s internal torture when he starts thinking he’s a minion of Voldemort.  (Wow.  The spelling checker didn’t even complain when I wrote “Voldemort”.)  Hermione’s know-it-allishness.  (Ok, now it did complain!  😀 ) The reader’s response is:  “Wait, I know someone like that…”

Anyway this is just a note, to the boss blogger at WordPress who thought my post was discover-worthy.  It is very much appreciated!  🙂


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