I had to do this once!

Goodnight peeps, friends and bloggies.  See you tomorrow for the Story Post (still mulling which story to post for you).  Here’s a song I’ve been wanting to link forever:


And remember the coupons (expire 30 August) :

Solar Winds 3 and 4 full discount coupons on Smashwords, plus Arcana:

Solar Wind 3: Coupon code RW100
Solar Wind 4: Coupon Code CF73X
Arcana: Coupon Code LJ36P

Solar Wind series:

Hope you enjoy!

… gipsika …


15 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. Gipsika, thanks for these deals. Love this series. No info overload, but a few pickies. Left reviews on GR, let me know if you want Am as well, I may get round to it. Note, *may*. I dislike Am, yeah I know GR is Am too but …

    But anyway, great imagination 🙂

    • xxx Roughseas you are wonderful!! Thank you so much! And I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. *chuffed* touched another reader :-))

    • Sorry. That was a bit cryptic. We spoke earlier about not too much technical detail and you said there was some in SW. But it’s not boring. It’s relevant. That’s the difference. You and Les just need to retweek, but … we can all re-edit endlessly. Anyways. Going to start book three. Although I’ve already read The Morrigan 😀 I’ll give you a shout on my blog when I’ve finished them, I think they are well worth a read.

    • 🙂 Thanks for the gorgeous reviews!

      I’m sorry about the Spanish in SW 2. I was really under the impression I had it right… some of it is out of “Streetwise Spanish”, sort-of a slang guide in Latin America. But I guess I should better find a native Latin American speaker and run these expressions by him or her.

      I’m glad the technical detail is not too much. Also, I plead guilty – there are some phrases I repeat, without being aware of it. That’s where another edit would go down well.

      You read “The Morrigan” before the others? (*shock*) 😀

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series!

    • They are good reviews for me. Believe me!

      Spanish. I speak Andalucían Spanish which isn’t dissimilar to America Latina given that most immigrants went from Cadíz. It’s more basic than that though 🙂

      I’ve read a couple of Brit books recently with Spanish in and I was surprised, both got it perfect.

      I have no idea about the Romany though!

      You can really only edit so much, and then, need to move on. Been there, done that. Got the headache.

      Was at the finca and hadn’t downloaded 3 and 4 so read Morri. No issue. Doesnt matter with good stories.

    • 🙂

      Re the Romani, I researched a bit with some Romany friends in a chatroom, they clued me in on the uses of “gadjo, gadje, gad-chey” and so on, “mi sim a… ande XYZ”, “con son”, and all that. Should run conversations like that by native Spanish speakers too, only it is difficult to connect. There is quite a bit of both in Solar Wind 3 and 4, I hope you won’t get very frustrated with me.

    • Ah!! 😀 Wow, thanks. That is an obvious one I ought to have spotted. I should go over the series just re-checking the italicised words.

      I have this desire to learn Spanish properly. *sigh* so many things on my bucket list.

    • It’s nit just that gips, it’s the word usage/phrasing. But, I should be up on it after fifteen years here. Amazing there are Brits who have lived here for longer and just refuse to learn it. Weird.
      I know. My Spanish is good but my French, Italian, Portuguese and minimal German have all dropped off 😦 Lack of use.
      Went to the local Spanish bank one day and Partner was stunned to hear the manager speaking excellent English. ‘I didn’t know you spoke English’ he says. ‘I don’t need to speak English to you. You speak Spanish.’

    • 😀 I am! Hope you like “Freedom Fighter”. LOL I was bringing one of the obligatory copies to our state library, and the security guard there read the title and asked with keen interest if it is about Julius Malema, the leader of our revolutionary party “EFF” (“Economic Freedom Fighters”).

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