Coupons, peeps, coupons!

Seeing that we’ve survived the past few months somehow, it’s now time for gear-shift.

I need a new “normal”.  Not yet in the house, preparing to move out of the flat, but not being able to pack up and go yet, I have to reinvent routines.  Homeschooling my Wildest One is easier while I’m writing, blogging or doing my admin.  I remember now.  I wrote most of the Solar Winds while homeschooling.  It is astounding that one has more time for things like that while homeschooling, not less.

P’kaboo was developed while homeschooling.  I taught myself html and then css while homeschooling, and designed the P’kaboo site (and a few more).  By now the site needs an overhaul, to make it mobile-friendly.  It is also on my list.

So now, while my youngest is tackling math and natural science with gusto (something that homeschool can create, but school – not so likely), my own next project is to learn proper cover design.  It is something that’s always holding me back when in the publishing process – having to outsource the cover design.  There are guidelines; by now I know some very well, and am studying the rest.   My aim is to do a number of short courses for it, online.  (One tip:  It still has to look good and be legible as a thumbnail image.)

In the meantime, here be coupons!  Please feel free to share them or send them to friends.  I understand coupons are one of the ways people become rich – by using coupons to take advantage of special offers.

Smashwords book coupons:  (All valid until 30 August only)

Blank bookcover with clipping path

RW100 – When purchasing this book, enter the coupon code “RW100” to receive 100% discount.




CF73X – When purchasing this book, enter the coupon code “CF73X” to receive 100% discount.




LJ36P – When purchasing this book, enter the coupon code “LJ36P” to get a 100% discount.












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