Just an update.

For the next Friday Story Post I’m not going to post “A Friday Fairytale”, because I’m editing it.  I’ll be posting something else.

Winter has given way (finally!) to hayfever season (oof!).  😀

Homeschooling has been tightened – more is expected of little Miss Dream-Dreams. Luckily she is quite up to it.  The positive effects of not having to go to a hostile environment every day at dawn are clearly visible in her improved health and emotional levels.  Another thing that has taken a leap is her violin technique – because she is actually practising more effectively now.

We’ll be homeschooling for at least another 2 – 3 years.  It’s pointless doing it shorter than that.

September 3:  “Jipsy Jangles” is playing as “wandering minstrels” at a Medieval Fayre, here’s the Facebook link:

September 10:  Both the Strings Ensemble and Jipsy Jangles will be playing at a house concert in Faerie Glen.  For both groups it is our first concert.

The Strings Ensemble plays Mozart, Pachelbel (at the request of the celli) and two modern songs which I’m not giving away right now.

Jipsy Jangles is us – my 3 children and I (the Wild Ones on instruments and my oldest sings).  It’s pretty much a parenting milestone when your kids become versed enough on their instruments to play alongside you at gigs, or even take the lead.

September 17:  The inevitable Oktoberfest (I’m not going!!).  It puts part of the family out of action year after year.

That would leave September 24 for a Studio Concert if it weren’t Heritage Day and therefore a long weekend (expect low attendance).  Also, the 30th is an option, right before the holidays – perhaps I ought to do that, rather than after the holidays in October.  There will always be excuses.  People will always find reasons not to come, even if nothing else is happening.  The committed ones will find excuses to be there.

The jury is still out on the Studio Concert date therefore.

So much for muchness, see you later.


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