Creating Compelling Content Continuously

One of the tricks of web-marketing is as per the heading of this post, to “continuously create compelling content”.

Watching the stats on Smashwords, that is exactly what drives views, and ultimately sales.  It’s eye-opening to observe every time I upload another free shortstory, how the interest in the other (priced) stories also increases.  Good blog posts that link, can also drive some traffic, but the main driver is uploading new content.

The only problem I can see with this approach is this:  I’m speaking to fellow bloggers, so you know exactly how exhausting it is to try and create compelling content, continuously!   One runs out of fuut*, and the content created continuously stops being quite that compelling.  And if you carry on creating content, eventually you’ll just be making noise…

So, in summary, while this approach seems to work while it works, it can run out of fuel (the fuel being fresh stories from you, the “content creator”).  And the second you stop putting compelling content out there for a week or two, your readers drift away towards someone else’s compelling content.

Having shared this snippet of philosophy, I’m now going to put my (subconscious) mind to how to work around this phenomenon.

In the interim, while you’re waiting for more compelling content from me, please feel free to click any of the below links.   I am once more experimenting with limited giveaway copies of  priced books.

Smashwords book coupons:  (All valid until 30 August only)

Blank bookcover with clipping path

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