Writers alert: Are you that $500 shortstory writer?




I’m specifically calling out to the authors and writers among you. This website pays up to $500 for shortstories accepted in their “Binge Watching Cure” project.  Stories of all sorts of lengths are called for; they have an interesting plan which I like very much.

I’d love to see my P’kaboo authors shoot for this (and win!)

🙂  Enjoy!



And, while we’re at it, I’d like to tell you about a remarkable book.  It’s a book that was published in January 2014, under YA.  And if you merely consider the protagonists who are teenagers, yes, I guess it would be YA.  But it is more – a LOT more.  Calling it YA is a bit like calling “Mr God, this is Anna” an urban fantasy.  Yeeeerrrsss, it sort-of is, but…

“The Everywhen Angels” (by Marie Marshall) is a philosophical work.  It explores metaphysical concepts:  Parallel realities; doubles that are basically soulless copies of yourself going through your day for you while you are elsewhere doing important work; the idea of the Last Days (it explores this concept in detail); what is good and what is evil, and whether these ideas even matter in the big scheme of things; whether someone doing evil with good intent is actually evil, or good?  The concept of what happens after death; and the incredible, sighted boy who sees more dimensions to reality than any normal child.

All these deep philosophical explorations are wrapped in a mesmerizing story, told by three teenage “angels” who each follow their own agenda, and have their own ideas on it all.  Things happen without letting up – there

Blank bookcover with clipping path

The Everywhen Angels

is a suicide, and there is a murder, just to give you two of the incidents.  The ideas in this book don’t let go of you long after reading it and may just change your world view.

To read a bit more or get the preview, click this link:


The book is also available on Amazon, here:





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