DA in Tshwane

Now they are talking coalitions, so we’ll have to wait and see a bit longer.

I for one am glad the deadlock is broken.  “Tshwane”, a.k.a. Pretoria (there never was an official name-change, that’s just wishful thinking) can certainly do with being DA-led, like Cape Town.

We shall see!


6 thoughts on “DA in Tshwane

    • By a very narrow margin. The way things stand, if everyone pushes hard enough, maybe by 2019 we’re a DA-run country and can start recovering.

    • ANC is the party that has driven the country into the muck the last 22 years. DA started as the mostly white-driven opposition, but Mmusi Maimane is from Soweto, a real grass-roots guy, looks like helluva nice person and also highly intelligent (he’s got university degrees and all, as opposed to Zuma who didn’t even pass his school leaver’s and is an insult to our African population as many of them are more educated than he is.) The DA has been looking after Cape Town, and it is our most functional, most usable city in the whole country. Pretoria can do with that.

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