quick update

Seeing that it’s Saturday.  For the Friday Story Post, go back one post.

In the light of making “The Assassin” available for free for a very limited time on Facebook (tonight, tomorrow, and maybe still Monday, seeing that tomorrow I’ve been married 19 years, and 19 is my lucky number) I thought I’d better post the link here too, so that you bloggies don’t miss out.

Why “The Assassin”?  Because I’m re-reading it, in an effort to recap Federi’s and Paean’s characters back then.  I’m actually working on “Valleylon”, and I’ve just noticed Federi is making good on his promise – the older Paean gets, the younger he gets in order to “meet her halfway”.  And because it’s a nice love story.  That’s always quite inspiring after 19 years, LOL.

Here’s the link:


On other fronts:

  • Created a cover for “Pourne Identity” by Douglas Pearce – pending author approval, sorry no preview until then.
  • Formed a gypsy band with my 2 younger kids (!!  Major parenting win!!), “Gypsy Jangles” (our primas, Meggi’s idea).  Two violins (she plays the first voice of course, I fill in the extra bits), plus Ray on guitar (for now, once we have a usable cheap cello it may be a band of 4 with 2 violins, guitar and bass).  I was surprised how well my Megs handles the gypsy pieces.  We’re hoping to perform the first time on 3rd September at a Fayre; after that, 10 September for a house concert.  Repertoire includes “Dark Eyes” and “Por Una Cabeza” (the tango from “Scent of a Woman”).
  • 10 September – also the first concert of my strings ensemble, playing Mozart, Pachelbel and a few more surprises.  Excited.
  • Being a real drill-sergeant for my Junior Orchestra (a.k.a “traffic jam orchestra” until they get their intonation under control).  We’re playing:  “Kalypso Kid” (Caribbean tune from the Grade 2 syllabus of TCL), “He’s a Pirate” (from “Pirates of the Caribbean”), “Swallows Flying” (gypsy tune) and “My Gypsy Girl”.  That should sortem good!

Here’s a vid of the tango – not us playing!


But I’m more in this kind of mood (also reflects “The Assassin” and “A Friday Fairytale”)


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