Sop alert

I’m not entirely sure how to proceed with my experimental “A Friday Fairytale”.  In the “chilly hours and minutes” of sitting with a nasty bronchitis, unable to do anything except sleep and write, I finished the story.

  • Storyline complete:  Check.
  • Characters coherent:  Check.
  • Lots of magic and a bit of real-world blood and thunder:  Check.
  • Gaming bits in there:  Check.
  • All wrapped up and most logical glitches (hopefully) ironed out:  Check.

So what is bugging me?

What started out as a vendetta has partially turned into moosh.  Magical moosh but moosh nevertheless.   And that’s what I get when I take my fine control off my characters and allow them all to play.

Some, like Paean, will discover a lab and clone weird and wonderful monsters.  Others will fall, they will fall so hard they splinter into thousand shards, in love.  That in itself is one thing, but they don’t keep it to themselves!

I’ve written sop before, I’ve written romance before, but I’m not sure if I should allow readers to pass who have hoped that “A Friday Fairytale” is about gaming, hacking and other piratical activity.

So I think I’ll take the cop-out and ask your opinion.  Seeing that this story has taken an unexpected turn slipping on a bar of soap, should I keep posting its episodes here?

What say you, do you like reading soapy slippery slopies?



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