Quick update

Ok what’s the lady up to now?

Violin Studio:

Just placed a few ads for violin lessons.  Gearing up for the term ahead, my energy is returning (yoy, tangoing with Death for a loved one takes it out of one!! and the clear-up afterwards no less).  I can take on more again.  The flu that has been stalking me all winter has been allowed just a nibble – just enough for bait – before being zapped on the head with a ton of bricks worth of Elderflower, vitamin C and D, and EchinaFORCE.  In fact, EchinaVIOLENCE.  In short:  I’m back!

Missed story post:

Deepest apologies for Friday.  I’ll make it up to you by posting a longer one this week.


On my horns right now, cover graphics for “The Pourne Identity” (Douglas Pearce, Honeymead Books), and Marie Marshall’s short-story collection (also Honeymead Books).

It appears that “How to become a Professional Ghostwriter” is very popular on Smashwords.  This gives me confidence in our cover-creation abilities.  (A lousy cover does not lure readers to click.)

Writing and living:

Just got stuck back into “Shooting Star”, because even though the sequel is basically ready for the editor, I need to get back into the story, and “Valleylon” (the second in the series) is a less effective entry point. But it is a mind-bender to get back into a story when reality has just overthrown all the rules of everything.  I’m between two homes and my comfort zone, my creative corner from where I wrote the entire series and built up P’kaboo, is being dismantled.  Fresh wind and blablabla, all good and well but I need to create a new creative corner at the other house and stop feeling like a guest in what is, essentially, dammit, my new home!  And stop bouncing around cleaning after everyone’s bums and gear up my expectations of my able teenagers to jolly well start picking up after themselves again, like they did at home.  Structures, if you get my drift, came apart and have to be rebuilt.  Command structures and routine structures are among those.

Which actually makes me marvel at what I had in place.  I was an impressive matriarch!

P’kaboo Book Ad:


Here be Books

A real pralines box of delights for readers to pick from.  Enjoy!






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