Snopes has been outsnoped

Many of us are aware of the myth debunking website, Snopes.  Many of us have referenced them when checking on an urban legend, taking their word for gospel when they called something a hoax.  Because there are so many hoaxes running around the internet, we’re more likely to disbelieve something than believe it.

Where I started getting suspicious of them is where I found them echoing MSM paid opinion on items I had done some in-depth internet searches on myself, referencing original scientific articles (issues including Monsanto, vaccines and cancer, to give a few examples).  I was curious what Snopes had to say to those and found them, for instance, at one point turning the whole Seralini affair into something that would suit Monsanto (but is, sadly, far from the truth).  I think, even in a recent blog post I referenced them but warned people to be careful as what they said, sadly didn’t correspond with fact.  At that point I thought they had simply been overrun with prepaid mainstream opinion.

I would not have dreamed that the whole website was a hoax!

Please watch the video, it is less than 4 minutes.  It is sad to see how a trusted site is debunked, but once again it brings home the fact that there are no shortcuts to doing your own, honest and in-depth research.

Thank you for reading, and in the light of this being a pretty serious post, I won’t dilute it with a book ad.

Tomorrow, a story.  That’s different.







21 thoughts on “Snopes has been outsnoped

    • 😀 That’s a very valid question, and I checked that too. It could of course be that there are a number of hoaxes circulating about Snopes, all pointing in the same direction. Nothing’s impossible on the web. 😉

    • Yep, thanks Ark :-). We’re in a state of haywire confusion living between two places at the moment but I feel, the moment I’ve managed to move the kitties over, I can relax and focus on moving.

      Still hearing “Danse macabre” in my head the whole time.

  1. “… there are no shortcuts to doing your own, honest and in-depth research…”

    Someone should have mentioned that to people who voted ‘Leave’ in the EU poll.

    • I’m watching this entire development with curiosity. Whatever it is, it is change. The future looks a bit unpredictable right now, strange forces at work. What it means, is probably hard to predict right now.

  2. You should never accept anything on the web at face value. For example, it’s amazing how many folks actually think I really am a dog … with these great clumsy paws, typing?

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