Why they want you to think the Moon Landing Wasn’t Real

(Conspiracy Theory Alert)


I showed this vid to a friend who is 100% convinced that the moon landing was a hoax.  He, like me, was also born in the 70’s and must therefore be aware of the limitations of visual tech in those days.  However, he also firmly believes in Van Daeniken and the Annunaki, so he could not afford to even watch this vid to its end before declaring it a hoax (or then, the reinforcement of a conspiracy theory, i.e. that people landed on the moon in 1969).

In the light of this and the Annunaki religion (great big lizard-like aliens landed on Earth and are responsible for every not fully understood phenomenon of culture, from pyramids to Stonehenge, from the Tiki statues on Easter Island to crop circles in Wales).  They (the lizards) walked with the dinosaurs (as proof a giant human footprint next to what might be a dino print – photo courtesy Van Daeniken’s photolab), and they tampered with humans’ genetics which was 12 DNA strands in a helix before they edited it down (geneticist’s tip-off, on a molecular level there is only space for 2 strands in a DNA double-helix, in fact all Earth DNA including that of viruses occurs either in totally unstable single strands, or the much more stable double-helix), and they enslaved humans to dig for gold, which is why our whole economical and political system on Earth is in such a crappy state these days…)

Let me start that sentence again:  In the light of this (the moon landing being declared a hoax) and the Annunaki/Van Daeniken religious fantasy, let me now formulate a conspiracy theory why they want you to believe man never went to the moon.


A question of continuity.

The question arises:  If we went to the moon in 1969, why did we stop?  Why haven’t we colonized the moon and Mars yet?  Why haven’t we put a man on Jupiter by now?

I guess the answer to that would be 1) that there is no atmosphere on the moon, so colonizing it would entail bringing everything along from Earth, starting with atmosphere and sea water.  I’m sure worthier people have speculated the viabilities of this, but at this point, there seems to exist no drive to construct a lunar city – or farm, for that matter. 2) It seems an awfully long way to fly to visit relatives!  But this is speculation.

The real answer would be:  There is continuity!  We have put an AI on Mars to explore the terrain; we’ve sent probes out past the other planets and right out past the bubble of the solar system into deep space to find out what is out there.  But also, while this was happening, politics and Earth’s financial systems changed and with them, priorities.

If you believe in the Annunaki, of course, everything else must go.  The gradual development of humankind as a species over 1 million years has to be turned into an “inexplicable quantum leap”.  Technologies that are perfectly understandable from a logical, chronological build-up suddenly have to be “mysterious” and “nobody knows where they came from, which proves extraterrestrial interference”.  To the question, where are those Annunaki today, are they invisible or something, “oh, they went home because they lost interest – but they are coming back to check on us (their best achievement, their cloned servant species) when Nibiru orbits past Earth again”.  Ok, Nibiru.  I can just see that.  Oh, and by the way you get your information straight from the Annunaki themselves, right?  They speak to you in your dreams.

Because, you see, the next best thing to actually being a deity yourself is being the deity’s Chosen Prophet.  People had better listen to you or your deity will smite them.

If you want a conspiracy, here’s one:

The real reason them-they (obviously the Bilderbergers) want us to forget that the moon landing happened, is because they have already built extensive cities and farms, in fact an entire ecotope, on the dark side of the moon that nobody ever sees.  (Tip:  This is also why they have to bleed your finances so entirely dry!  They need to, don’t you see?)   Now all they have to do is melt down the Earth via global warming while assuring us it’s not happening, so that we hold still and do nothing about it; and then they will push off and live in their lunar utopia.  We on the other hand need to believe 100% that we can’t get off this planet even if we tried; and that we are at the mercy of “gods”, great alien beings who in the first place created us (which makes us their possessions to begin with) but who aren’t so interested that they’d want things to go well with us.

Yes.  Absurd enough for you, is it yet?  Even so it seems more plausible than the Annunaki.


16 thoughts on “Why they want you to think the Moon Landing Wasn’t Real

    • Yes, it did occur – but it got discounted (no pun intended) based on the way the billionaires can squander, literally, trillions on wars and breaking countries instead of actually pouring even a fraction thereof into research and building of space stations. The money exists; but the people in possession of it have no interest in … aw blast! You’re making me dismantle my beautiful conspiracy theory!! 😀

  1. Thanks so much, Lili, I am so fed up with know-it-all kids telling me the moon landing wasn’t real and that George Bush blew up the twin towers, among other fallacies. Ah, how lovely the voice of reason!!!

  2. I got that, silly – but as we say in Italian: Harlequin joking speaks the truth! Keep it up. I have to add though, that most of the advances made in technology in the last forty or fifty years have been because the Americans decided to go to the moon – they had to invent all kinds of things that today we take for granted, things that led to the invention of yet other things that are now indispensable to our daily existence in many different fields. I doubt any of this would have happened if Americans had only staged a moon landing instead of actually making one.

    • That is a fine point! 🙂 you know, research that is done not for profit but just for the sake of finding out – that is what moves a civilization forward. Most of the recent advances were only made in weapons of war… and weapons for math instruction… such as, vaccines… 😉

  3. I think the moon landing was real. I also think it highly probable that the USA had a fake film-set rigged up in case the cameras failed. Don’t forget it was the era of East-West propaganda.

    • I agree on both counts. It was the era where ordinary people’s mail was being filched through by Secret Service to check if they were “planning any conspiracies”. But acc. this filmmaker, the footage is highly likely to be the original, due to the limitations of the day. I guess the backup would have been somewhat more Hollywood.

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