Updates etc.

Yes I know, I have not been posting the kind of post people like most.  (wait, what is happening – an internal rhyme on the sneak, this is terrible!  Where’s Federi with his trusty dart gun?)

There are some interesting updates concerning P’kaboo authors.  One is that our author of ‘Split Decision’, dynamo Carmen Capuano, has had another of her works accepted, this time by an American publisher.  We wish her the absolute best with that one AND ‘Split Decision’, as well as her popular ‘The Owners’ series.  (Carmen, at some point you need to tell us a bit more about  ‘The Owners’.)

Another is a project our poetess Marie Marshall is tackling together with others – she blogs about it here: https://mairibheag.com/2016/06/10/i-tamburisti-di-firenze-project-now-running/.  It is a project by the initiative “The Burning Man”.

In the interim, some other projects are slowly maturing towards completion.  But I had better not tell too much, be patient, wait and see!

My exam students have been enrolled for end of the year exams – as they say, alea iacta est, or in more localeze, “die koel is deur die kerk” and there is nothing much we can do now except practice, practice, practice.  The concert last Friday – well, those who practiced well, performed well.  Isn’t it rather predictable that way?  And some of the loudest mouths backstage flopped onstage… that, too, is part of a pre-teen and teenager’s learning curve.  It’s not how much you can brag and acquire social “cool” status backstage; it’s how you can perform in real life.  It is amazing how when things don’t go as nicely as I’d want them to, they actually yield up much better learning curves.


Maybe I skimped you peeps a bit on the story post today, as I was in a rush to go and enroll the exam students.  But next week I’ll post either more Southern Free, or more Friday Fairytale (the Interstellar Remake is not yet progressed far enough).  Pinkie promise.

In the interim, a great read is Split Decision by Carmen Capuano – and please feel free to request a free e-copy if you intend to write a review.


Split Decision

by Carmen Capuano

How was Natalie to know that the decision she was about to make between two potential dates, would forever be a pivotal point in her life? That it would mark the time where childhood innocence ended?

How could she even imagine that the wrong decision would send her life spiralling into the stuff of nightmares where she might not come out alive?

Life takes a cruel twist of fate when Natalie, a completely average [almost] 16 year old is forced to make a split-second decision… a decision that will change her future and forever alter her perception of trust, love and the realities of life.

This book is available on Amazon, click here to get your copy for a night of insomniac page-turning.


5 thoughts on “Updates etc.

    • One of my students once suggested that I should adopt the “slogan” for my door at the primary school where I was teaching violin: “Practise practise or I’ll hit you with a cactus!” 😀 Classic schoolboy

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