Hairraising (and fattening): Artificial Sweeteners

This article drifted my way, in German, and I thought I had better translate the jist of it because as many people need to find out as possible.  If you want to pass this on you’ll make humankind a healthier (and slimmer) species.

There’s an old joke about “lite” cooldrinks:

“Oh, I don’t touch that stuff!  It’s fattening.”


“Well, have you ever seen a skinny person drink that?”

Unfortunately, by now they are marketing “zero” cooldrinks to men, boys and super-sporty power-girls who don’t want the brand “lite”.  “Zero” cooldrinks are power-dressed in black instead of the usual pastel colours for “lite” fairy drinkies.

However the sweeteners in use all have horrific side effects; some (sucralose) are closely related in molecular composition to outlawed chloro-organic pesticides; some (aspartame, acesulfame K) cause lesions in the brain due to the incomplete metabolizing of methanol liberated by the sweetener, to (are you seated?) formaldehyde.  (Yes, that same chemical the mortuary uses to embalm bodies to keep the tissues from decaying.)

Unfortunately at this point I have to call out Snopes:  Gotcha, Snopes.  The “mythbuster” site has unfortunately been bought over by the FDA on this topic, else how would one explain the following:

(First read this and/or watch the vid:)

Now read this:

(Snopes “falsifies” the findings by letting an “expert” from the FDA – i.e. the qui bono organization – deny in high scientobabble the link between aspartame and neural damage. As you see, they step into every hole described in the first article you read!  In humans, methanol does not get metabolized to the relatively harmless formate ( = formic acid) but remains in the highly dangerous formaldehyde shape.  Also, methanol in fresh fruit and veggies is bound almost indestructibly to pectin and passes straight through the body.)



But here comes the juicy part:

Sweeteners are actually used in the meat production industry.  It is mixed into the feed of commercially bred pigs, sheep and some cattle.  As Pollmer (the German article) points out, there would be a motivating factor for this:  Faster growth and less food required.

A recent study in 3000 babies (same article) shows that there is a significant increase in weight for babies whose mommies used artificial sweeteners during pregnancy, as compared to those who didn’t.  The study followed the babies to their first birthday and the weight issue remains.

Pollmer explains what happens:

When tastebuds register “sweet” in the mouth, within two minutes insulin is released into the bloodstream in preparation for a sugar load to come.  The glucose that is already in the blood (there is always glucose in the blood while you’re not dead) is moved into storage, i.e. converting into fat and stored in the fat cells.  The body lowers the surface temperature of the skin, and this alone suffices in humans to reduce the metabolism far enough that this fatty deposit is made possible.

In other words the very sweetness in the artificial sweeteners sabotages the weight-loss effort!

Not only have these artificial sweeteners got numerous health side effects, but they don’t even work – your diet is better off on simple sugar than on those chemicals.

Seems as though there is more truth in that silly joke than people thought.

A neurosurgeon’s take on this:


Essential book marketing:


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