Google’s Quiet Revolution: The double strategy to change the world.

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The Elephant in the Web

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Google’s I/O 2016 conference has ended. What has the company announced? Some new Apps, a new Android version, some more virtual reality? Many people seem skeptical, some even are disappointed. Is Google step by step transforming from the Nerd Kingdom we know and love to a usual business company with the usual product cycles and slowly dropping in innovativeness – the seemingly final fate of each big corporation?

Not at all! I want to argue, that Google has a deep long-term strategy which revolves around two key points: 1) Becoming digital infrastructure and 2) Using this position to develope a true A.I.

Both points are interconnected. You cannot do (2) without (1). Let me explain, why I think Google and Alphabet are just getting started – and will be the spearhead of a development that is about to revolutionize our world. 

Google: The star is the…

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