“The Assassin” gets a gorgeous review by Silver Threading


Thank you, Silver Threading, for this lovely review!  And also, for posting it on Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords.  You are amazing.

Colleen from Silver Threading is a fantasy writer herself, busy with her first book which I’m very keen for her to complete so we can read it!  Her beautiful writing style comes through in the reviews she writes, when she uses “lightning” phrases such as:

“gypsy love at its finest”

“burgeoning emotions”


I had to post an excerpt:

The Assassin

sw2flat400Colleen Chesebro writes:

“…This is gypsy love at its finest, and I was bewitched by the touching love story that drew me deeper into the adventure.

The book is long but filled with so much intrigue and suspense you gladly read on to unravel the various mysteries that are part of the whole adventure aboard the Solar Wind. For me, this book delves deeper into the characters and gives you a glimpse into the mechanics of their personalities. I like these pirates. Their humanity speaks to me. I can’t wait to dive into the third book in the series, Freedom Fighter. Stay tuned…”

(Yes, LOL.  Who’d have thought, “The Assassin” is a love story!  True story.)

As a celebration, 10 free copies available at Smashwords!



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