Reviewing the site: Readers’ Favourite Reviews

Submitted a number of our books to Readers’ Favourites for reviews.  So now we wait.

So far we have received 3 lovely readers’ reviews on the site:  One for Marie Marshall’s “From My Cold Undead Hand” and two for Andrea Kaczmarek’s “Pink Wish Ice Cream”.








What I really like about the site: 

  1. Volunteer reviewers, who also get feedback on the quality of their reviews.  The concept is partially based on reciprocity:  A number of them are authors themselves and will review in exchange for a review.
  2. They also tell the author a few extra observations off the record, which is great because it improves an author’s writing without messing with her publicity.
  3. The site itself is easy to use, especially if you’ve published on Amazon.  They accept an ISBN that is available on Amazon.  They do not accept other ISBNs, apparently.  You simply key in the Amazon ISBN or ASIN (for Kindle ebooks) and the program retrieves the book cover and information.
  4. If you haven’t published on Amazon, you can still get reviewed there; it is simply a bit more manual.
  5. They give you tips – e.g. they auto-emailed me for a book I’ve had sitting there for a while without it getting a review, and suggested I change the blurb.

Where they can still improve as a site:

  1. They could connect to Smashwords, Epub Bud and Goodreads the way they connect to Amazon.
  2. They could auto-post the reviews either on Goodreads or on Amazon or wherever they retrieved the book.  At this point it is up to a reviewer to post a review on Amazon – or for the author to post them under “editorial reviews” themselves, which doesn’t have the same effect.

But in total, I’m pretty impressed with the features they already have.  They mention somewhere that they are planning to be the biggest review site – I can see that happening, or at least, in good competition / collaboration with Goodreads.



No promotion left unturned:

These books can of course be found on Amazon:


Extract from review by Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite:

Andrea Kaczmarek’s Pink Wish Ice Cream is filled with pink! Pink socks, pink hair and, most importantly, pink wish ice cream. Mrs. Polly Pink-Witch is a witch who drives an ice cream truck and sells Pink Wish Ice Cream to children. If they are polite they get a wish; if they are rude they just get normal tasting ice cream. This story is about one special boy, named Oscar Day, and how he made a special wish that came true.


Extract from review by Anastacia Zittel for Readers’ Favorite:

Marshall does a fantastic job with creating an alternate world for us, where the action happens at a breakneck pace. From using technology that isn’t developed yet, to using weapons not designed yet, to using language and phrases not spoken yet, she creates a universe that is strangely familiar to us, yet it’s a place where you have to watch your back or you’ll be dead. Vampires aren’t glamorous, it isn’t romantic to meet a vampire in the alley behind the school, and they most certainly don’t sparkle. Marshall also does a remarkable job of tying in the classic vampire novel, Dracula, but makes you believe that it’s all real. This is a book that will leave you breathless for more!

Click the cover images to take you to the books. Or you can find many of our books on Kindle by clicking here!




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