The Family Pool

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Some of you may recall a short story I wrote one Halloween for the blogs.  “The Family Pool”.  At 6000+ words it is actually too long to qualify for a short story, I suppose it is more a novella or novelette or something.  It is even divided into chapters as I blogged it in episodes.

Well, that story is now up on Smashwords too, and at this point for free to gain a bit of momentum.

Here it is (please excuse the line art on the cover, they won’t let me publish without a cover, and currently my cover artists are all unavailable) :


The Family Pool

By Lyz Russo

 Mary Adams has married into money. At first this is amazing and she is overwhelmed with thankfulness; but as time goes by she begins to realize that all is not well in the wealthy family. She comes upon a creepy volume of genealogy in the library of the house that was given to her and her husband John to live in, and from there, her curiosity turns into an obsession to get to the bottom of it. More

Get your copy while they are free! 🙂

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