Writers Wanted! Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry

Firstwriter and their upcoming magazine: Looking for submissions. Authors and poets, take a look! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Writers Wanted! Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry

    • I don’t actually see much wrong with the concept. It could work. It is never anywhere near what vanity presses charge; I don’t think it buys a cup of coffee. The writer gambles a bit – but on his own submission. (That is, presuming the editorial team is honest and hasn’t pre-marked what they want to publish but are genuinely looking for subs, not just for the fee – but that is thinking like a South African, so jolly jaded & used to being scammed).

    • I was not initially thinking that he may have pre-marked, in actual fact.
      And there is nothing ”wrong” with the idea. As they say, pays yer money takes yer chances.

      But we all remember what happened on the first ”competition” we entered, yes?
      And they became Smashwords did they not?
      However, if one is looking to get published why not simply self- publish?
      Especially as the site has admitted that grammar etc is not that important.

      I dunno, gips, the older I get the more cynical I become about the publishing business.

      And then, of course, there is the marketing of the product….
      But genuinely wish them the best of luck.

      I take it then that you are going to submit?

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