Thursday nights rock

Life is a bit weird at the moment, with one offspring halfway out of the house, taking time out staying at her grandparents while volunteer-working; one in highschool and one in homeschool.

I come home knackered on a Thursday night, to find them home (brought by Daddy), and then he evaporates and we get to play games.  Uno, Cheat, Poker (with matchsticks), “Settlers of Catan” and Chess.  Sometimes Scrabble (but with our bilingual Scrabble board it’s a bit of a challenge).  Thursday nights are games nights.

It’s good that we do this; I live in dread of the time they will grow up and leave (like oldest is already doing).  On those lonely nights I’ll need something I can look back on and tell myself, “we had a lot of fun; it’s true, I didn’t just spend all my time online or writing”.  Because we do have a lot of fun – but it’s usually over lunch, or in the car on the way somewhere, or between two things we need to do.  And I see far too little of all of them together these days, though at least I get to homeschool my youngest, so I see a lot of her.  But afternoons, evenings, I’m out working.  And mornings my son is in school.

I just wish I lived in such a mansion that they’d never want to leave, simply for the comfort of it.  😦  There are so few years of childhood left now…


6 thoughts on “Thursday nights rock

  1. You know I loved games. Cribbage, whist, solo, dominoes, memory game. And game. Snakes and ladders. Parents should spend more time on games.

    We still play poker, dominoes, draughts, whist, rummy.

    • Yes… When they all 3 were in homeschool I used to make them play games as part of the curriculum :-D. It’s good for them. We used to play the German card game “Skat” at home, my brother, my father and I. I can’t remember the rules, have to ask him to teach me again.

    • There’s a lot to be said for games. Memory, numbers, and total skill/logistics. I was lucky that my parents never let me win, so, you learn to play better. Hmmm, real games or virtual ones?

    • No one doesn’t learn the same way from virtual games. But they can be great for bonding. My son and I play Spellforce on LAN occasionally, we go through the whole night until we fall over.

  2. Very good thoughts on spending time with your children. We did some games but the majority of my time with mine was spent on arts and crafts. This too is a fun and worthy past time for you and them. We stayed up all night one night building a paper mache mummy, we called “Dead Fred” and another time we built Dinosour Diarhama, sometimes we learned crochet by lamp light like in the old days when there was no electricity. Yes, there are lots of ways to spend time with your children before they leave home and all will leave lasting memories for you and them. I very much appreciate this post and thank you so much for having posted it. It has reminded me of things I should be doing with my grandchildren.

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