It’s a cover-up

Smashwords.  There are tricks.  Like with every platform.  I’m slowly learning them, but in order to upload a short-story I wrote in 2008 or so, I needed a cover for it.

Now:  All my cover artists are 1) not around, 2) madly busy and 3) want money.  What’s a hard-working self-everythinged Small Shot like me to do?  Very obvious:  Do it Myself!

After all:  It’s only a short-story.

Yes, it’s only a line-drawing!  Yes, it has to represent me and my writing style and blahdiblahdiblah.  But it’s only a shortie.  It took me less than an hour to thrash the story out back then; of course I straightened it up and fixed glitches etc over the years, but nothing essential changed.  And it is slapstick, the lowest form of comedy (yet strangely popular).  In the light of that, I actually think the cover represents the story quite well.  😀  (*self-congratulatory back-pat*)

So here it is, the first of my short-story collection “series” (LOL, that is not a series, it’s an anthology, but the logic of Smashwords makes it into a series).

“The Racing Finn.”racingfinn-final

Finnegan o’Flannagan (Finn) is an out-of-luck musician in the tiny town of Kilkee. The last thing he knows is how to race a horse; but this is exactly what he is requested to do, by his pretty and forceful young friend, the Lady Millen. Who can deny her?

Free on Smashwords while the rest of the shortstories aren’t up yet.



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