Remembering why I write

Two reasons.

One, because those stories want me to write them.  Path of least resistance.

More importantly, so I can hear my kids giggle when I read the stories to them.  That is so lovely!

So everything that’s happening around that, the publishing, launches, etc etc, is an outgrowth of that. So that some other kids and adults can giggle too – even if I can’t hear them.

I wonder if that’s not essentially why all of us write.  Perhaps not all, but most.

Anyway, “Arcana” is up at Smashwords, as is the “Solar Wind” pirate series.

The Solar Wind was eating miles of azure sea between picturesque green mounds. Shawn hung in the Crow’s Nest in the mellow afternoon breeze, playing his ocarina. Federi came up the rigging and climbed into the lookout next to the boy.

“Nice islands,” commented Shawn, pausing in his play.

“The Treasure Islands of bygone eras,” said Federi. “Used to be paradise.”

“Used to be? And nowadays?” asked Shawn.

“Today they are crawling nests of all sorts of predators,” said Federi with a far-away look in his eyes. “There is bloodshed nearly every time we land here. Half of the time it has nothing to do with Captain’s ethics.”

“What precisely are his ethics?” asked Shawn.

“Never commit a crime. Unless you’ve got to,” said Federi. “More or less. There’s lots more, but I don’t want to overload you. We’ll still sit here tonight if I get started.” He glanced down. “There’s Gina!”

Gina Nevada, tired of listening to the politicking of the two Captains, was ascending into the rigging too.

“Gonna get cosy in the Crow’s Nest,” grinned Federi.

“Want me to leave?”

Nu, for heavens’ sakes, Donegal!”

It wasn’t as much of a squeeze as the Romany had predicted. The Crow’s Nest was roomy enough for three more people, thought Shawn.

“Have you been in Atuona before?” Gina asked Shawn.

“Nope. My first sea voyage. But he has,” and he indicated Federi.

“ ‘s a filthy place,” said Federi dreamily. “Don’t go roaming on the beach, ‘s dangerous. Don’t get separated from the others. Don’t go drinking alone. Shawn, Gina, Captain’s orders: No womanising when ashore!”

“So womanising aboard is okay?” grinned the boy.

“Manising,” said Gina. “Captain Lascek says there’s no Unicate on these islands.”

“That’s right – they can’t get their drugs sold there,” said Federi.

“Drugs?!” gasped Gina, shocked.

“But Precious,” said the Tzigan, “where do you think the name Unicate comes from? A unification of all the drug syndicates on Planet Earth!”

“Shawn, don’t listen to him,” said Gina, incensed. “It’s not true! The Unicate is all the governments of the world, they got together one day and decided to stop all war, and we’ve got peace ever since! That’s the truth! I’ve studied history through Harvard!”

“This was the correspondence course?” asked Federi with a smile.

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Up on Smashwords specially for you dear bloggies:  Some Free copies of the first book.  Enjoy!


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