Testing the systems & the limits

Just to test the systems at Smashwords, I migrated to Publisher, added gipsika (lol, before I do it to another of my authors) and threw “Arcana” onto the system there.

“Arcana” is the book that was thrashed out for NanoWriMo, just for fun; super-speed-edited by our phenomenal editor Colonialist, and has been sitting on the front page at Epub Bud now since it was published.  (It still is – well, at the top-right of the “Browse” page.)  It has had over 27000 views on Epub.  But it’s not a free download – until now, in the imminently controllable environment of Smashwords, where I’m giving away a handful of free copies. I’m not telling how many. Grab or miss.


There are also 2 more free copies of “The Morrigan” up for grabs.



Homeschool:  Added “Natski” and “Socski” to our subjects.  Wildest One says they sound like naughty twins, Fred & George.


7 thoughts on “Testing the systems & the limits

  1. I do use Smashwords for books, and iTunes. If I can avoid the big A, I will. I think Smashwords is extremely clear simple and gives all the options. What more do you want? From a reader’s perspective, I add quickly.

    • The one thing they don’t yet do is paperbacks. This is also the main reason we use Amazon, which produces great quality paperbacks. And of course, you can’t buy a Kindle copy anywhere except on Amazon, that’s a very large cornered market, so to avoid that would be silly. Kindle has enabled us to put Andrea Kaczmarek’s “Pink Wish Ice Cream” into an ebook format, they do fixed-format ebooks. The only other format that supports this is pdf, which we sell at P’kaboo. Sadly Smashwords doesn’t have the facilities for fixed-format children’s picture books – yet. I can see them stepping up in the near future though, considering how versatile they are.

  2. Again I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it seems all good. Is this an experiment, or something you’re contemplating extending to other P’kaboo titles?

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