When will they stop?

Now it’s Brussels.

“Brussels attacks: El Bakraoui brothers named as Islamic State suicide bombers who killed 34 and wounded hundreds – latest”

“Brussels attacks timeline: How bombings unfolded at airport and Metro station”


I would include more images but most are videos.

No doubt we will get to hear from all angles again how “this thing happens all the time in the third world” and how it’s the fault of America / Europe for opposing the Islamic State.

That is not good enough.  Terrorism is not acceptable in the third world either.  But if they had a way of sorting out their own criminal / extremist terrorist problems, they wouldn’t spill over into a country like Belgium.

Most people just try to survive, lead a meaningful life, be a good citizen and raise a family in peace.  Or pursue their own life interests in peace with or without family. And then there are those that are filled with an irrational drive to kill strangers.

And no, over 70 000 white farming families murdered brutally in South Africa over the years is not ok either.


No book ads today.  Whether Google respects this I have no idea.


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