“Well, Sally’s gone, but I’m still here…”

Just an update:  The promo at Smashwords has come to an end.

But do not fear.  My experiment with x free downloads of Solar Wind 1 is still going, so you can still grab a copy of “The Mystery..”, and “The Assassin” (the second book) is still priced at the experimental “Reader sets price”.  So you can, if you feel like it, set the price at $0.

This “Reader sets price” is a puzzler, because it leaves the reader to guess how much $ equivalent of enjoyment they will get out of a book.  It would make more sense to have them first read the book and then decide what it was worth to them.  This is why I have it on the second of the series.

Regardless, enjoy!  And the next post is going to be a normal blog post again.  Promise.

Click here to pop over to Smashwords, to find the series.





10 thoughts on ““Well, Sally’s gone, but I’m still here…”

    • Interesting question to ask on a public blog. 😀 Yes of course they are buying – it’s the Solar Wind we’re talking about. The objective is to test-drive a specific marketing strategy of Mark Coker’s.

  1. Sorry, meant no offence. On reflection I suppose the question could be misconstrued.
    I have never heard of this strategy for selling books and I agree, it would seem more logical to read first then pay depending on what they felt the book was worth.
    But people are odd ducks and generally would likely struggle to know what any book was worth unless it was suggested; such as offering a choice of three $1 $2 or $3. That sort of thing.

    I have seen a similar techniques used by some real estate firms. Though I would never adopt it myself. Sellers almost always choose the higher price when asked to compare their property with other similar homes and buyers invariably opt for the lower one.
    Happened almost all the time. Human nature.

    You know I have never been a fan of promotions based on price as I always feel it somehow diminishes the product.
    But that’s me.

    If it’s effective, then great.
    What sort of feedback has Coker received?

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