3 different kinds of free on Smashwords

Experimenting with an approach recommended by Smashwords.


  1.  The owner of Smashwords recommends that the pilot of a series should be free.  Well, seeing that the Solar Wind series is 5 books strong (4 on Smashwords, plus a glossary, but on Amazon there are all 5 now), I implemented this approach for Solar Wind 1, for a limited number of copies (this is experimental).  The rationale is that people want to see what a series is about before deciding to invest money into buying the sequels.
  2. “Reader sets price”.  I’m test-driving this approach with Solar Wind 2 “The Assassin”.
  3. Promo until tomorrow:  Books enrolled can have 25%, 50%, 75% or even 100% discounts.  “Freedom Fighter” and “Raider” are both enrolled in this, at max discounts.  Tomorrow night at midnight, this closes.

The glossary is only a glossary, it is a companion book that could have been included inside the others, therefore it is and will remain, free.  It does give translations for the many foreign expressions used in the Solar Wind and Shooting Star books, from Romani Jib to Spanish to Gaelic and Romanian.  I also added ship jargon at the end, and thanks goes to Colonialist, my editor and his own yachtsman, who once again set all that straight, tucked in the flappy ends and tacked the rigging until everything is on an even keel and goosewinged to make the most of a dead run.

We’re thinking of doing something similar for Marie Marshall’s “From My Cold, Undead Hand” and its sequel that is cooking, “Kwireboy vs Vampire”, creating a glossary for the “conlang” they use.

Anyway, if you wish to sample a well-edited, slow-cooked series of serial pirate adventures, and download your Easter break’s reads for free, better do it quickly before midnight strikes on this promo tomorrow night.  Here is the link:





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