Epub Bud: Wren Jones


Every 9th of March, the owner of Epub Bud, Josh Jones, displays this heartbreaking page:

Screenshot (87)

Josh, it makes me cry every time I read it.

You took what you felt was the best decision, and it went wrong.  It is insane to pile the guilt on the heads of the parents who, after all, only took as informed a decision as they could.  A lot of thought went into your home birth – nobody in a first world country opts for a home birth by default; it is always a very thoroughly considered choice.

We do the best we can for our children.  So did you.  Whether a baby dies in hospital from a medically bungled birth – like someone in my family:  A calculation error by the nurse and 10x too much oxytocin used in an induction birth, which killed the baby and nearly the mother, too – or gets murdered by a vaccine – like little Ian Larson Gromowski – or dies from infection in our under-cleaned hospitals here (babies even get eaten by rats in some of these wards) – the parents, along with the baby, are the victims.

Well done for starting Epub Bud and kudos for raising awareness.  I wish I had a way of making you see that it was not your fault!

No book ad today.



EDIT:  P.s.  You had a beautiful baby.  His spirit lives forever.  I hope you can believe like I do that he is near you and your wife.



2 thoughts on “Epub Bud: Wren Jones

  1. I haven’t been able to go into the full background, here. However, the message that home births triple the chances of death of the baby is debatable, to say the least – particularly taking into account how good or otherwise the ‘professional’ healthcare in the area happens to be. Both my elder grandchildren had home births in a fairly remote home, as a considered decision by parents one of whom was in the medical profession (but not qualified to deal with birth emergencies). The risk of such emergencies was balanced against what was seen as a greater risk from lowered standards in hospitals. There might have been an emergency requiring surgical intervention. There wasn’t. Following the ‘approved’ route, however, might have ended up with infections or incorrectly applied care with tragic results. Or not. One makes the best choice one can – if it is the wrong one, blame cannot be apportioned. Like deciding to take a ‘safer’ route home in a storm, and as a result being involved in a fatal accident.

    • That is exactly it. It may be that in the first world hospitals are more hygienic environments than here. I shudder when I enter a hospital these days. And wrong decisions by medical staff can also lead to serious disability or death. We tend to forget that each birth is actually a life-and-death event.

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