Combined Glossary for the Solar Wind and Shooting Star series

Formatting for Smashwords is not a small job.

One of the largest reasons is that I borrow quite a lot of expressions from various different languages (the mother tongues of the various crew members).  These expressions of course have to be italicized, so formatting each book is basically reading through it again and hand-italicizing everything that needs to be.  (The first step in the Smashwords formatting routine is to de-format the entire manuscript by pulling it through a simple program like Notepad.)

In the process I decided that it is time.

I was asked before to create a glossary at the end of each book dealing with foreign terms; but it always looked like such a lot of work.  So, instead, now I’ve created a separate booklet, for free download, where people can grab the glossary that spans all the books in both series.  As I publish them one by one, I’ll be updating the glossary, so be sure to get your free download (it will stay free) to update the one you had before.

I added a section on ship jargon because some people do find this a bit daunting.  My wonderful editor, the intrepid yachtsman Les Noble, has once again corrected and completed this section for me.

So here she is:



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