For those who didn’t like my suggestions on “Writer’s Block”

Just for you:  Here is a link that promises to help you overcome your Writer’s Block instead of, like this merciless little demon, ridiculing it! 🙂


Incidentally it is also a free download.  No, I haven’t read or downloaded it, I’m too busy finishing books I’m writing 😀



Oh, and what’s a post without an ad:

From My Cold Undead Hand  by Marie Marshall


– oh yeah?

Excerpt from review by Nikki Mason, BestChickLit:

What impressed me most about this book was that it was a vampire novel where vampires were unequivocally the bad guys. All the evil things you ever read about vampires from I Am Legend or Dracula come back to the fore in Marie Marshall’s novel, with no romanticism and no sexuality – just brutal, dead killers.   […]

Marshall’s story is a great adventure book that will keep you reading and wanting to know more. She has created a world set slightly in the future, which has followed a realistic curve of where we are today, just with a few fantasy elements added in that change everything and make a dystopian society. Within this world our heroine, Chevonne, has plenty of fierce attitude and intelligence to offer a ray of hope, providing an interesting role model for young female readers.

Grab your copy now, while the blood is still dripping… only $3.41 on Kindle today!


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