How To Be An Atheist


I was made aware of this very Spiritual site during a discussion about gluten intolerance.

Just right for a peaceful Sunday night.Ā  Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “How To Be An Atheist

  1. Once upon a time, a Jewish boy from ma little shtetl in central Europe decided he wanted to be an atheist. He had heard that in the nearby city (three days’ walk away) there lived a famous atheist named Rosenberg, so he set off to visit him. After three days walk he arrived, cold and tired, at Rosenberg’s house and knocked at the door. The door was opened by a man wearing the garb of an orthodox Chassid.

    “I’m looking for Rosenberg the atheist,” said the boy.

    “I am he,” said the man, and ushered him in.

    He led the boy to his study, a warm room with bookshelves, and told him to make himself at home while he fetched them both a warm drink. The boy looked around at the bookshelves. To his surprise he found copies of the Torah, the Talmud, writings of eminent Rabbis in Hebrew, Yiddish, and many other languages, along with commentaries on all of these by great scholars. He felt cheated. When Rosenberg re-entered the room, the boy burst out in indignation.

    “You’re a fraud! I’ve been ‘had’! I came here to see Rosenberg the atheist and I find all THIS!”

    His host put down the two hot drinks and said simply:

    “I am Rosenberg the atheist. I am not Rosenberg the ignoramus.”

  2. Another part of the Atheist religion is to go into automatic denial at anything which might suggest the supernatural – often to the extent of refusing to consider that it might be completely natural but not yet figured out.

    • There is that. Interestingly, a few months back one of our scientists gave a talk on how some of the deep sea animals communicate via “telepathy” – electromagnetic pulses etc.

    • I just did – those deep sea animals communicating with electric pulses, considered telepathy. šŸ˜‰

      However, consider Kirlian photography. I always thought that’s a pretty interesting example.

    • The comment was for Col, Gips.

      Electrical Pulses are not supernatural.
      Kirilian Photography … hmmm are you being serious or winding up the Ark? šŸ™‚

    • Sorry, missed that ;-).

      I’m always winding up the Ark! You know that. šŸ˜€ Still, with that technique they did record something which I’d like to call our bio-electric field. Our body generates a very slight electric field via our nervous system (which works on electricity). I do believe that is what people see when they think they sense or actually see an “aura”, in fact I believe it’s probably identical with “aura”. There are all sorts of little things people discovered when they started digging a bit deeper. I tend to side with those who say, “super”natural “phenomena” are simply occurrences of something that is actually natural but of which the mechanism is not yet understood.

    • Yes, that is what it likely is.

      As for the Kirilian Field I saw one on Obi Wun Kenobi and Aniken Skywalker who was also Darth Vadar on Star Wars after they wos dead so it must be real.

      ”There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio ….and George Lucas probably dreamed them all.”

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