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The Teens and I are playing the Rondo from this. (Movement III).  Let’s see how that goes.  Currently it’s still murder on Mozart – decomposing him. But with every rehearsal the parts are better understood, and I hope that by May we can start working on expression.  Maybe we’ll have it ready for the October concert.

Any ensemble when starting up first has to “find” each other on a musical level.  Add to this that only 2 of the 6 teens in my ensemble have any kind of noteworthy orchestral experience; 3 have small-ensemble experience but never with such serious notes to play!  And one has no ensemble experience at all.  The sight-reading levels vary between them, from pretty amazing to pretty underwhelming; all of this is being remedied by the rehearsals.  Except for the sole viola, we have a double quartet.  This is good:  they reinforce each other.

Listening to this whole work, I think we ought to play all of it.  It was the Rondo that caught me, but the whole thing is cute and doesn’t sound too break-neck, technically.

Anyway, let me vamos. 😉





8 thoughts on “Mozart

    • That’s right :-D. Boy was I surprised when my son’s cello teacher pointed out all the technicalities for which he shouldn’t quite be playing it yet – but being the sweetie she is, she gave him exercises and scales to help him into the correct positions pronto presto.

    • It will be quite an achievement when mastered.
      Meanwhile it has taken me days to formulate and start playing the first ten chords to give the melody of Gounod’s ‘Ave Maria’ on guitar (I have the Bach Fugue 1 accompaniment from memory on the piano). *heavy sigh*
      At this rate I’ll be playing the whole song by next year … maybe.

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