A riveting review for Carmen Capuano’s “Split Decision” – by Nikki Mason

How could I have missed this?  Nikki Mason of BestChickLit reviewed “Split Decision” in October.  Thank you so much for this very to-the-point review!

View the original review on BestChickLit here.

Split Decision – Carmen Capuano

5156gFgBbJL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_What they say:

How was Natalie to know that the decision she was about to make
between two potential dates, would forever be a pivotal point in her
life? That it would mark the time where childhood innocence ended? How
could she even imagine that the wrong decision would send her life
spiralling into the stuff of nightmares from where she might not come
out alive? Life takes a cruel twist of fate when Natalie, a completely
average [almost] 16 year old, is forced to make a split-second decision…
a decision that will change her future and forever alter her perception
of trust, love and the realities of life.

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

I have to say that this is one of the darkest young adult books I’ve
ever reviewed. That’s not necessarily a criticism, but there were times
when I felt like a little relief was needed. Having said that, the
intensity and increasing sense of danger and horror were both

Natalie is a very privileged, innocent fifteen-year-old. While
shopping with her best friend she is asked out on two dates and must
make the choice of which one to accept. Only, she doesn’t know quite how
significant that choice will be, a choice that could strip away her
cosy life forever.

Natalie is a great character and it’s so interesting to follow her
progress throughout one important evening in two separate scenarios. The
story splits into two “what ifs” once she has picked her date so
readers can see the consequences of either decision, and boy, are there
some consequences! It’s a clever format and very intricately plotted but
in both evenings the fear and violence never feel far away. It’s a
challenging and often uncomfortable read and not for the faint-hearted
but well worth a look if you’re after some true grit.

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