Evil Facebook

This morning I dared venture onto Facebook just to check if I ought to post something on our music page.  Turns out, no – I should not have.  On the home page (ok come on now – I had to go via the home page to find my group links) someone had posted something about a little boy (he looked maybe ten or eleven on that pic) being mock-arrested by police, on request of his mother, for making trouble in school.


And the most disturbing thing is that a whole lot of people chipped in, saying that this was a great idea to scare a kid like that and if he was going to be a “little shit” he must just learn.

My heart breaks, do you see the terror on that little face?  Kids “make trouble” at school when they need more attention from Mom!  More parenting.

Of course you realize that this little boy up there will never fully be able to trust his mother again?  Here comes a worse one – in one of the comments, someone mentioned how a mother had her own son arrested for stealing her car and taking it for a joyride with friends.  The boy was a teenager (sounded like he wasn’t yet licensed, 17 or something).  He spent the weekend in prison and came out, to quote her, “so full of HIV he was practically glowing”.  Three months later he was dead.  She didn’t specify if he died of AIDS or suicided.

Mothers, what the hell are you doing?  Since when are children “little shits” just for doing what children have always done – getting up to mischief and testing the limits?  Since when do you condemn your son into the tender care of serious criminals for a weekend as punishment for a joyride in your car (scary, sure, but – really)?  And since when, fathers, do you cut off your daughter’s gorgeous hair, videotape this and plaster it all over Youtube to shame her, for staying out after curfew?  Have you parents lost your minds?

I don’t understand how this world works, anymore.  Sure, our children (the Millennials) are called the “me-generation”, but often I have to wonder.  Really wonder.

A child does not become selfish, greedy and arrogant by itself.  It becomes so as a result of poor upbringing.  There are so many places that tell our kids that they “deserve” this and “deserve” that, and more than half of it is commercialism (advertising to the parents through the child, a.k.a. the “nag factor” as it’s actually known in marketing).  It is up to the parents to debrief their child and explain that having this or that gadget isn’t everything, and that not having it doesn’t make their child a loser nor them bad parents.

So if your child is a spoilt brat – wait, why does this sound so familiar?

“Oompa loompa doompety doo
I’ve got another puzzle for you
Oompa loompa doompety dee
If you are wise you’ll listen to me

Who do you blame when your kid is a brat
Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat
Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame
You know exactly who’s to blame

The mother and the father…”

How many parents would even consider relocating to another town (which means switching to a usually less lucrative job) to help their kid overcome a bad circle of friends, a bad school with bullying, or whatever?  How many would consider homeschooling to improve the direct parental influence that shapes a child?  Not too many, I guess.  At least, the ones who do are never the ones who end up in the headlines for rubbish like this!

So, dear Generation-Xers, before you point fingers at the Millennials and call them a “Me-Generation”, take a long hard look in the mirror.

Yes, I’m a Generation-Xer too.  And yes I’m judgemental and holier-than-thou about this!  Sans apology.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!





10 thoughts on “Evil Facebook

  1. I “like” the post not because of what had happened to the boy but because you rightfully blamed the parents for his shortcomings. As a teacher I often got blamed because little Tommy had not passed his Mathematics for the term. I was the bad teacher and it wasn’t Tommy’s fault at all, so they said. Little Tommy had not done his homework many times, yet the parents had signed his homework book! Little Tommy managed quite a few times to be “ill”on the day a Maths test was written, all aided and abetted by his parents. Some/ most/almost all parents have someone else to blame and point fingers at.
    I think this little boy would rather have had a spanking from his father instead of this degrading and unnecessary “taking into custody”.
    I have a feeling that this didn’t happen in SA though, but probably in the great US of A!

    • I don’t really know where this incident with the above pic happened, I also suspect USA, but the teenager who died from spending a weekend in prison was in Joburg.

      It’s nonsense to blame the teacher. But as “Tommy’s mother” I have to say that while it’s my fault (loss of parental control due to overlong working hours) that she (Wildest One) lied to everyone about having homework, failed to write it down and became a real little skellum, the many days she missed due to sickness were genuine. No kid fakes throwing up. I blame those on the overall lack of hygiene in the primary school’s bathrooms, especially as since she was removed from the school she hasn’t been sick once. (And she was never alone in the sick room when I fetched her – average 2x per week – there were always 4 or 5 others with gastro, at least. Sometimes 12.)

    • Terribly so, I am afraid.
      The funny ( but not ”Ha ha” funny) thing is that, if a couple wish to adopt a ”pre-made” child then the rigmarole and hoops they have to jump through is, I believe, quite something.
      In fact, on a similar note, when we wanted to adopt a dog from the SPCA they came around to inspect the property and decreed it ”unsafe” as it was not secured on all four sides.

      And still on dogs; these days it is considered highly detrimental to ”rub the dog’s nose” in any mess it might make indoors. Rightly so, too!.

      Out of curiosity, how jen-you-wine are the stories, do you think?
      Knowing how ”iffy” the internet is for truth these days?
      I ask as it seems a bit odd to me that the police would be unaware of child abuse laws and would participate in such a disgusting ruse, knowing how they could be liable to be sued.

      Not doubting you,of course, just wondering about this vile ”news” story.

  2. Another recent photo circulated on Facebook was, I have to admit, quite funny. An American dad had noticed (don’t ask me how) that a teenage boy had messaged/texted his teenage girl and asked for a ‘bra shot’. So he took a selfie of himself, in a bra and holding an automatic, and sent it to the kid. I think the kid got the message.

    But hey! Wait a minute! The way to deal with a hormonal teenage boy is to imply a threat with a GUN?

    There are moments when I almost tend to agree with the NRA that “Guns don’t kill people – people kill people.” Yes, a gun hanging on the wall can’t, of itself, kill anyone, and I guess a photo of a gun can’t either. BUT the whole problem in the USA is not ‘gun ownership’, it is the way that they are used to settle casual disputes. You settle a casual dispute by coming onto your font step holding a shotgun, in effect saying, “I’m right, and I’m prepared to shoot you to prove it.” It’s an attitude problem.

    There appears to be a prevalent culture in the USA, “Come down on ’em hard!” No matter who “’em” are – hormonal kids, Mexicans, Muslims, disruptive kids at school, you name it. It’s a culture of “Don’t deal with it, just whack it.” Duh!

    • I agree, it’s a stone-age attitude. IQ totals around 2. They believe themselves to be tough when in reality they are tards. The worst is that the son notes his father’s attitude… later when he has kids, the idiocy repeats. I’ve seen it happen.

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