Short note

To whom it may concern:

  1.  LOL sorry about the terribly Sherwood Forest style post last week.  That use of language irritates me dreadfully!



Wild One 1 is sorted, settled into the start of what she wants to do during her gap year.  Weight off my mind.  Wild One 2 is happily back in high school rhythm.  Wildest One is still getting a bit of a break – with homeschooling, preparation (of the parental) is everything.  Seeing that kids absorb a lot more work a lot faster in homeschool than in school, this bit of a gap isn’t worrying me in the least (though it is making my relatives uneasy even though they saw my past success in homeschooling).

The Studio is working nicely.

Not spending such large amounts of time online is also paying off, for my sanity.  Thank you for being understanding, friends.

P’kaboo:  Only some thoughts…  I was thinking of refreshing and modernizing the site (i.e. simplifying it, if this is even possible); we do have a number of manuscripts in the burner.  Deadines for launches:  Not yet set.  Print runs:  The future is currently not mine to predict.  I can’t say.


Disclaimer: Image pirated here:


Signing off


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