I’m not gone…

Hi my dear blogpals, just a little update why I’m being scarce.

The most important reason is a commitment to myself to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.  For the Studio, the P’kaboo and the development of my children, this means a lot more hands-on, real life actions, and a lot less online time.  I’m “unFacebooking”; I’ll also be pretty scarce on the blogs (unfortunately), but that doesn’t mean that I won’t stop in, write the odd post, visit.

As an “80’s child” (ok I was a teenager rather than a child), I was a system kid.  Everything was a system.  Homeschooling (though I yearned to quit school early and complete the matric via correspondence) was not an option.  Not going to university was not an option.  Not taking a paid job with a salary and a – guess what – Boss, was simply not an option.  The path was clear; the path was considered good; I was not afraid (though I should), … and all before dark!

A year into working for a boss in a system, I knew that I couldn’t stand it.  I wriggled like a fish in a net, I struggled to break free, my mostly futile attempts to break out of that restrictive system that was choking me, included postgrad studies, trying to emigrate, playing a month-long gig at the sea, fleamarketeering, learning about holistic healing; I invested in my true love’s education and tried setting up initiatives for him (I was so naiive – initiative needs to come from within!), and so forth and so on until I eventually (with help from family and friends) managed to break free of the system over years and set up my own.

I’ve never looked back.

Our Millennials – those precious people who were born in the “Noughties” – are facing a world where the systems have crumbled.  There are still some systems around – ruins of an ancient civilization, more a matter of marvel than of usefulness – and we, the 80’s Kids, the so-called “lost” generation (because we saw that civilization crumble out under our feet) have to be the guides for them in something so many of us don’t even know how to do – survive outside the systems.  We are the ones who have to teach them, lest life should in its own harsh ways, that if you are not your own master you’ll always be someone else’s slave.

I’m homeschooling again this year;  I have one child in homeschool, one in high school, and one out of school on her quest to become a true adult.  What a year it’s promising to be!

“I teach.  What’s your superpower?”  (On one of the Christmas prezzies a lovely family from the Studio gave me.)

I don’t only teach.  My job is also to guide.  As long as I keep a clear focus on this, we may find our way through the Woods.

(Note on the usage of Sherwood Forest English:  It’s deliberate.  LOL)


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