:-) Computer resurrected!

And a very happy New Start to everyone!

In a luxurious shopping mall in the East of Pretoria, in a computer shop where I did not buy my laptop (i.e. this had nothing to do with the warranty which is only 9 months old but I allowed it to be destroyed rather than risk another locking of horns with the original suppliers) there works a man who has earned his wings.  His name is Hannes and he not only restored my computer from darned near the grave, but even took the time to explain to me exactly how to make sure it stays relatively virus-free now.  (Okay, a Windows system is never entirely virus-free, ask any Linux user.)

I didn’t want to do this over Christmas because good people like him tend to be on well-deserved leave over that time (though I’m not sure he was).

He even told me what we can do with my expired old Dell, the trusty old XP-laptop that was the vehicle for writing most of the Solar Wind series.  We can make it into a media centre, and that is ideal as I’m homeschooling my youngest this year.  I hope the machine is still strong enough that it can be transformed.

So, on that note, 2016 is a fresh year, a fresh start for many things, and most of all I need to avoid falling into similar thinking patterns as the ones that didn’t exactly lead to roaring success in previous years.  Phrased differently, I’m trying all sorts of new things on what I already have going, and perhaps also some completely different projects.

There may not be overly much time for blogging but I will try to check in at least once or twice a week; then again who knows.  Homeschooling is an inspiring venture, maybe it will spark a lot of other things!

Have a sweet day, all my blogpals!

~ gipsika ~


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