Happy New Year!

My compie is being sweet and allowing me online for a moment, hopefully long enough to post this.

May you all have a wonderful year 2016, of course after much partying (or whatever you like doing on New Year).

I’m looking forward to blogging more (but not into overkill), a nice sweet balance in my life between music, writing, publishing, homeschooling my littlie, being a good school mom for my son and learning to be a good parent to my adult daughter who is starting on the adventure of finding her feet in the grown-up world this year!  Honestly?  I am very excited about this year ahead.  I was woken up by a lesson request this morning and I’m just tripping on good omens.  (Ark, this does not mean I leave Terry Pratchett’s books lying on the floor.  Never!)

Anyway let me vamoss before compie decides it’s time out for the poor little hard-drive.  This shall also be fixed early this year.

Shanti, and Namaste, and Slainte, and whatever else Good Stuff we wish each other for New Year!


~gipsika ~


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