Industrial Sabotage National Treason

Sorry, I couldn’t ignore this.

Hundreds of “angry protesters” abducted the main sluice operator of De Hoop Dam and forced him to open the sluices.

Here’s the link:

I couldn’t find a link in the English media (yet), I guess they’ll catch on a little later today.

They opened the sluices, flooding the area downstream, with no warning to lower-lying areas that housed people and where there was expensive equipment for construction.

They opened the sluices, in the blooming middle of a blooming drought where people are asked to let their gardens die and where farmers hold back on planting because they fear they may lose their seed corn.

Guys, this is a top crime!  “Angry protesters” my foot!  this is industrial sabotage, and high treason against the country (the country’s inhabitants).

Can we please determine who these **holes are and give them what they want – a life-long state-sponsored holiday in one of our facilities?

Seeing that they deliberately put innocent people’s lives in danger (there is no report of deaths (yet)), they are also guilty of attempted murder.  Can they please be judged for this?  Can our spineless government please make an example of these terrorists?  “Angry protesters” …!  I guess Jack the Ripper was also only an angry protester.




4 thoughts on “Industrial Sabotage National Treason

  1. I support the right of (a) people to protest, even to the extent of revolution, and yes, even to the extent of sabotage – let’s face it, your country was blessed to have transitioned out of an unjust system without major internecine conflict, but history shows that such a transition is rarely made in Thomas Jefferson’s famous ‘feather bed’. However, it is hard to see any justification, under such assumed right, for an action like this, with a direct endangerment of lives and livelihood. I note that you (maybe even the original news item – I don’t read Afrikaans) don’t mention what they are angry about, what they are protesting about; I would be interested to know, but whatever it is, it can’t possibly be against the people downstream.

    • Hi M. that’s right, I never elaborated, sorry!

      The dam was built recently by Pres. Zuma’s initiative. (We were all so glad he’s showing initiative!) He made promises to deliver piped water to the people downstream (I’m not 100% sure but it sounds like an “informal settlement” there plus also, I think, low-cost housing), and as usual in Africa, the whole project is in delay. I find it a screaming irony that these “protesters” actually damage the people who needed that very water. They have also delayed things further with those actions by damaging the equipment that is in use in this project. They are basically angry that it is taking longer than promised.

      My English isn’t what it should be today 😀 sorry

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