Picked this up from Facebook, wish to reblog!!


Sherry Ficklin reminding authors that even if they have a multi-book contract, a first draft is still a first draft and you are your own first editor!

Please do follow the link, I’d love to reblog her post but can’t from where she posts, and I don’t want to copy-paste as that would probably count as plagiarizing.


8 thoughts on “Picked this up from Facebook, wish to reblog!!

  1. Excellent advice. Doesn’t make me feel so bad about the number of re-visits I have given( and are still tinkering) my books.

    I will quite often simply open a document click the ‘Go To’ tab and type in a ransom number and see what comes up.

    Sometimes this unsystematic approach to editing reveals things that the labored ( but also necessary) line by line approach might miss.

    One dives right in and picks up anywhere.

    I also read her page about branding. Good Stuff.
    I am wracking my brains what I could possibly do to make a Brand Outta Moi?

    If we take my blog persona into consideration it would likely involve a crucifix, a stake, a large mallet and a bonfire! 🙂

    • LOL and a big, big wooden spoon.

      Talked to a printer today, letting him know some books are not yet ready… author still making changes… he said (wise words!) : “When is an author ever happy with his own book? They always keep tinkering!” LOL So there is indeed a balance. Still.

    • “When is an author ever happy with his own book? They always keep tinkering!”

      It’s true; in part.
      I mentioned before the thing about the relevance of humour changing and also how it can be too colloquial.
      This was one of the reasons I rewrote large chunks of Identity: Cry Sies!
      While the core of the story is still funny – and relevant – some of the humour – the jokes etc – were not – they were too South African and would have been lost on the average reader.
      At first when I began hacking at it I was wary that the story would lose part of its essence but was pleasantly surprised to find that the pruning made it smoother and more accessible.

      She also mentions that, on occasion, too many cooks can spoil the broth, and I wonder if one has to be cautious of how another (beta) reader’s input might reflect their own personal taste?
      But the articles did make me wonder how much editing and how many rewrites an author such as Stephen King, who’s earlier work was apparently written while he was out of his head on drugs ,would have to endure before he was happy with it?

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