Jakaranda Festival

We were here:

Remember last year’s Fairy Folk Christmas Market?

Well, it was a bit too early for Christmas markets, so Muriel decided to make a Jakaranda Festival instead.  The idea was absolutely brilliant. The Fairy Folk were there again (only the littlies this time, not the Party Fairy); but apart from that, well-known artists such as Neil Moss were exhibiting their artwork.  I took a lot of pictures but didn’t meet them personally (though Hubbs did), so can’t post those here in all except the vaguest format, like so (note the “Blue Alien” is by Robin Shea, not by Neil Moss or Christa Steyn) :



(Once again the Atlantis scene is by R – her best paintings are still held by the school though, until after she is finished with exams).


Bird feeders for sale


The garden as lovely as always


Our books! (As you see, some of them well perused)


(I know this wave!)


Sweetie checking out the exhibition


Always – baby items (nuu!)


Our mini-display in the Fairies Room


The Fairies Room


Reminiscences – Fairy Folk will change management but will continue


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