Quick update before you think I’ve died


Remember the Fairy Folk Market last year?

We are there again.  I’ll have to take some nice photos, we’re in and out there (but our books are there constantly, as are 2 more paintings by R), it is an immensely busy weekend.

Among other things I’m also prepping 5 violin students for exams – among them my own youngest who is reaching for Gr 5 this year.  My oldest is now busy with her final exams (matric).  Middle child is doing fine too… learning more instruments and collecting merit certificates at school.  (Ok ok I know I’m bragging, but… I’m allowed!)  Then also, my editor and I are doing detective work trying to find decent printing prices.  Not an easy task!  Somehow, printing cost has suddenly sky-rocketed, and who knows why?  What is imported?  I don’t understand.  Whatever, we’re not people who give up easily.

I’m also going to try to attend the library sale again, same as last year.  It’s quite silly really, why should someone buy books at a library where they can read them for free?  Yet people do!

Anyway here is some Brahms for you (there is a very special magic in that specific movement for me) :

Though I feel they play it too fast.  Then again it is an Allegretto.  Maybe I’m just picky.  Anyway, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Quick update before you think I’ve died

    • Anytime! 🙂 Brahms is like an ocean crashing against random rocks – the big picture makes sense with all the amazing undercurrents etc, but if one needs to practice the viola part exclusively it’s like shredding carrots…

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