Serendipitippipity and other disconnected thoughts

..  or however one spells this.  (I know how to start spelling “banananana….nana…”, I just don’t know where to stop!)


(Think I’ll give you a preview of rain.)

Why I believe in karma (or Western equivalent) :  My life seems to work like this.  I stand on my head trying to get “into” something (a job, a post, a group, whatever), and it’s simply “no, thanks”.  But let me get very very, extremely busy with something unrelated, and they’ll contact me:  “Could you please…”  (and I’m thinking:  Yay!  I’ve been waiting for this!  You think it’s me doing you a favour?)

It’s like this:  Either what I’m asking for, or when I’m asking for it, is not supposed to be on my life path.  So I don’t get it, even though I ask nicely.  But the stuff that gets thrown my way – excellent stuff by the way, a genetics post here, an orchestra gig there, a wedding gig, and so on – is supposed to happen to me right there right then.  Voila:  Karma!

Unrelated:  We each of us are a mix of Quasimodo and an angel.  People criticizing us make us feel like Quasimodo. People appreciating us bring out the angel in us.

Young ladies:  You are gorgeous and dressed to kill, and you ask your boyfriend whether you look alright.

His answer:  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

What would your next move be?


10 thoughts on “Serendipitippipity and other disconnected thoughts

  1. Interesting perspective. Did you ever think that karma was also your ability to recognize opportunities when they come by? You come across as very intuitive, which is why I ask.

  2. never ask husband if you look “alright.” I speak from long experience and more than one husband. Very Important Principle: You never ask a man a question you may not like the answer to. And any sig other who would be so foolish to answer me like that would quickly be demoted (or promoted – depends on how you look at it) to ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, whatever.

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