A Fair Link to Wonderland

We Were There! Thank you Colonialist for manning an exhibition of some of our books at the Book Faire at KwaMule Museum.

Colonialist's Blog

Museum Day Three of the Book Fair at KwaMuhle Museum

Alice TrialAlice and CaterpillarAlice in Wonderland and a Durban book fair featuring latest books by various authors – and my own books as well as those of others who have been published by P’kaboo – what connecting link could there be?  The year 1865 provides one …  (Do visit the link for a ‘moving’ journey down memory lane with the original Alice illustrations, by the way.)

Peter AdamsAs you will gather, Alice was launched in 1865, and in the same year Adams Booksellers came into being here.  It has survived all the slings and arrows of outrageous (mis)fortune which have sunk so many family businesses, and is still going strong.  Peter Adams gave a fascinating talk at the book fair today regarding the history of the company.

Adams slide

Of course, the final part of the link is that, very shortly, all my titles and the others in the…

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