In Which Modern Writings Become Museum Pieces

Colonialist's Blog

Kwa Muhle Museum

The imposing building seen above once housed the Native Affairs Department, where Pass Laws were administered. There, hordes were subjected to the Boer-ocracy and Brit-ocracy now faithfully replicated in offices of the State administering Passport etc regulations. The museum bit now commemorates the horrors of the Apartheid era.

What, you may ask, were we doing there, not as visitors, but as part of an exhibition? No, it is not because I still insist on regarding many colonialist achievements as great.  Those in Johannesburg and Cape Town environs may have noticed some big book events going on, and Durban is the third (and youngest) member of this South African Triangle.

The museum is the venue for the fair which culminates a week of related activity, and today was the first day of showing locally written or produced books and peripherals. This runs through tomorrow and Saturday.  Incentive to attend: admission is…

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