Only 23 days left

All our P’kaboo enthusiasts, readers, writers, sympathizers:

Please consider lending your social media support, for the total duration of 1 single post on your time-line or one single tweet, to the paperback launch in Birmingham of Carmen Capuano’s novel.

Cost:  Free.

Effect:  If we reach 100 supporters, Thunderclap will post a single post on your timeline or tweet a single tweet on your Twitter announcing this event, in 23 days when the Thunderclap deadline arrives.  It will only access your social media once.  No spam, no nothing else.  End of story.  This is no worse than simply retweeting something, or sharing a post – something most people do all the time anyway.

However:  The “Thunderclap” will only work if we manage to rally all of 100 supporters.  Otherwise, nothing. Now, we know there are more members in the P’kaboo Book Club but many of them are dormant.

Click the link; then look for the thick bar across with 3 partitions, called “Support with Facebook”, “Support with Twitter” and “Support with Tumblr”.  Click one (or more) of the three buttons to lend your support.  Thunderclap will ask for your permission to post.  Pls don’t forget to click “ok” before closing the window.

Read more about the launch here.

🙂  gipsika


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