Sci-Fi Prompt of the Week (21): Sustainable Tent

Scifi Prompt – brilliant! But – why do we keep wanting to farm the desert instead of protecting the fertile areas from abuse?

J. Giambrone

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12 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Prompt of the Week (21): Sustainable Tent

    • LOL no – because America’s prison system is an investment opportunity whereas ours are only overloaded state facilities. In any case prison sentences here generally only last until the next election.

    • My word, I never thought of an American prisons being an investment opportunity and I imagine most Americans don’t see it that way either. Nice to hear a different point of view. I’ll have to have a look at my investment portfolio. Ha ha. We do have state and federal prisons. At least I think we do. I haven’t been living in the states for very long time. Still it’s not a good idea to cut down trees unless it’s a weeping willow that’s gotten into your plumbing system.

    • 😀 Or a black wattle or Eucalypt draining a comparatively arid stretch of land of what little ground water there is… they are illegal immigrants in SA.

    • I actually think I didn’t. Pls resend, I’ll search for it. Gmail does weird stuff with a number of my emails these days, it’s infuriating.

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