Wind power causes Germany to use MORE mineral fuel…

The modern trend is to try and replace mineral fuel consumption with renewable energy.  Wind and solar energy are regarded as such.  What is apparently a well-kept secret is the simple fact that at this present moment it doesn’t work.

Germany is the guinea pig for this development.  Forests are “cleared” (speak, leveled to the ground) to make way for “wind farms”.  Not only are those ecotopes irreversibly destroyed; but the wind turbines themselves cause the death of literally, hundreds of thousands of birds, regardless of whether the species is on the endangered list.  Germany is the world leader with wind and solar power generation.

But what the public is not informed about is that they had to build additional coal power stations to support this extravagant experiment.  Not a chance of shutting down the existing coal power stations.

Go have a read…  enjoy…

wind-leistung solar-leistung

5 thoughts on “Wind power causes Germany to use MORE mineral fuel…

  1. Such a pity about the forests and birds that must suffer as a result of people just trying to make more bucks, once again Gipsika. One day there will be nothing left. What are they going to do then?

    Interesting link and thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥

  2. Here in Scotland we didn’t build any additional coal-fired power stations, and we used already-open hillside*. Where are they going wrong?

    *In fact some of these hillsides might have been forested once, but if so, they would have been deforested no later than the early 19c, as part of the complicated history of the Highland Clearances.

    • I think maybe Scotland is more ecologically intelligent. Germany has a mega industry, and wind & solar power (as the graphs show) are not by themselves enough to keep it powered evenly. To prevent wholesale industrial failure G has to keep running all its coal power on backup, which apparently uses more fuel.

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