On Writing… by Lyz Russo

Thank you Colleen for the post! 🙂


First of all, let me thank Colleen, of Silver Threading for this opportunity. It is very much appreciated. Colleen asked me to post a bit about myself, as a writer.

Author, Lyz Russo

I write; that means I spend a lot of time on the inside of my skull. My fictitious characters are only marginally less real to me than the people around me. (Yes, I believe in fairies! Ask me for my scientific explanation.)

New neurological research shows that the human brain does not really differentiate between the real and the imagined; so people who read and people who write “experience” the content of the book almost as though they were actually living through it. That is why reading (and writing, which is reading on steroids) is such a lot of fun.

And this is, too, why an author needs to research what she’s writing about – it has…

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