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One of our Mercury Silver shortstory contributors writes about how she promotes her work on Kindle:

Lois Elsden

Because I self-publish my books on Kindle, and I have no connections or contacts with anyone else who could promote my work, I have to do that myself. One of the ways is to hand out postcards and other material with details of my latest work. It’s fairly straight forward, but even so, despite all my checking, double checking the wretched grammar gremlin and his friends the punctuation piskie, the lay-out leprechaun, the spelling sprite and the error-elf all rush in behind my back and change things!

I am working on a postcard and flyer for my latest novel The Double Act and have written out a different blurb:

Genet and Lance McCauley run a small hotel in Easthope, a quiet, old-fashioned seaside town.  Nothing ever seems to happen and although sometimes Genet feels trapped and bored, she loves Lance and in most ways is content. Their friends call them the great double…

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