Food wars and another thunderclap

Someone close to me has discovered the Tim Noakes diet (erroneously punted as the “Banting” diet) and is trying to get us all to join. (For the mistake, check this link:

It’s like Golden Products.  Or the “Hovies”.   I’ve found a Good Thing, a system that is working for me, and now I want to share it with everybody.  It’s so easy, user-friendly, successful, time-proven…  whyyyyy don’t you want to at least try it?

The answer to that is simple:  Because my system works, too.  No, you don’t need to prove to me that yours is better.  I’m sure it works just great for you, but mine works for me, so I have no urge to change it.  Yes, I’m getting the results I want, slowly, importantly without having to give it thought.  My thought-space is precious to me, my skull is sort-of my thinking temple.  Cluttering it with food-thoughts irritates me to the point of – blogging about it.  Food should be eaten, not heard. It should know its place in the carbon chain.

(Hey, actually that is a beautiful slogan for vegetarians:  “Food should be eaten, not heard!”)

And that’s the sum total of space I want to give it on my blog, too. Except to point out that, as per the previous blog post, most food “science” is skewed to yield whatever result the marketing forces want at a given moment.  See?

On another note,

We’ve started another Thunderclap.

This time let’s see if we can’t get the full 100 voices for support.  By now people know to click the great big buttons saying “Support with Facebook”, “Support with Twitter” and “Support with Tumblr”.  Thanks to all you sweeties who already lent your support.

Those of you who are in Birmingham or can get there, pls consider contacting her and booking your spot.  The book is very readworthy and the author, meetworthy.

Oh, and extra info:  Tickets for £5 include cake and a hot beverage, and the proceeds of the raffle go to the charity for prostate cancer.


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